Jackie Shroff: Although a lot of platforms have appeared, the emotions remain the same

Even having acted in more than 250 bizarre films in the past four decades, Jackie Shroff is still one of the busiest actors today. With no plans to slow down any time soon, the actor says he is enjoying the new phase as he works on various formats, including big screen and digital projects.

“A lot of good projects are being done and there are a lot of opportunities for people who didn’t get it in cinemas now. But the emotions haven’t changed. A lot of platforms have come. Jazbt Nahin suits, platforms for Badl Raji. Movie and TV halls, theaters, street and digital plays… yeh sab aate rahenge,” he shares.

The 64-year-old, who has made movies and TV and also celebrated his OTT debut with Season 1 of Criminal Justice and The Interview: Night of 26/11, adds, “Many other platforms are coming, even holograms are coming soon. Sure. It’s all about holding on to the moment, staying healthy and enjoying it. I will continue to work on whatever platform comes next.”

Talking about his role in Interview: Night of 26/11, he says, “This is directed by Laurens C Postma who is someone of international repute. He is himself an actor, director and Malcolm McDowell. It was a dream come true that I had the opportunity to work with him.” Only online

Another aspect of his long career is the way he has reinvented himself and has not stuck to doing just one thing.

“I’ve done 250 weird movies and been fortunate to have been in all kinds of movies possible. I’m not as selective because I’m just going to do this or sing songs like a champ. I’ve been very flexible and very disciplined. I’ve been around for a long time and I’m lucky because I’m constantly getting work.”

Shroff also believes that the cinema scene may have changed but what has not changed is the way he chooses his projects.

“Nothing has changed. There are still some movies that I make for friends, for certain directors, production houses, and some that I do for scripts. If someone comes up with a script and says it’s going to make a huge difference in my career, I’ll definitely do it. If someone comes up with big banner movies and assured.” It’s going to be great, I’ll take it,” he says.

Shroff adds further insights into his process, “I usually try to understand that I am one of the legs and when you say legs I mean the legs of the chair. Who sits on a chair is not important, but of the four legs if one of her legs is not good, the person sitting on the chair will fall down. “.



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