Inside Mira Rajput’s 27th Birthday Getaway: Great weather, lots of flowers and a picnic in the park

Mira Rajput, wife of actor Shahid Kapoor, turned 27 this week. She took to Instagram to share photos from her secret haven.

Updated Sep 8, 2021 10:16 PM WEST

Mira Rajput, wife of Shahid Kapoor, turned 27 on Tuesday, 7 September. Although she’s been missing from social media for most parts of her birthday, on Wednesday she shared a bunch of photos to indicate that she and her family took a ride at her private party. day.

Taking to Instagram, she shared a photo in an open space. Surrounded by trees and fog, Mira was wearing jeans with warm clothes in the photo. Then she shared some pictures of the flowers growing in the garden alongside a house that looks like a nursery.

Mira also shared a photo of two picnic baskets resting side by side. Unfortunately, the publication did not show her husband, Shahid, nor her two children, Misha and Zain. Mira shared the post with a couple heart emoji and a balloon emoji. She had been bothered by the unannounced site through her Instagram stories.

Mira shared a video of pine trees, covered in mist, and wrote a thank you note for all her Christmas wishes. “Thank you all for your warm wishes, enjoyed your DND day after ages,” she said in the post.


On her birthday, Shahid shared some pictures of the couple on Instagram and wishes them well. “Not just to share your joys but to share your sorrows as well. Not just for every day we smile in each other’s arms but for the days when we cry in each other’s arms. You are the center of my world. And I wouldn’t want that any other way. Happy birthday,” he said. Pictures were taken during the flight.


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Mira’s birthday celebrations were followed by the birthday parties of their two children, Misha and Zain. Misha, who turns five on August 26, throws a rainbow party while superhero Zane, who turns three, throws a rainbow party.




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