Inner Taylor Swift as Mira Rajput bids farewell to Virgo: ‘You have to be calm’

Virgo period is over and Mira Rajput is saying goodbye to it. The mother of two, who is married to actor Shahid Kapoor, went on Instagram and shared a video listing the characteristics of a Virgo.

Features mentioned in the video: ‘Extremely observant, I can not deal with IDGAF unless I am perfection, extreme obedience, hate procrastination, logic on high emotions and brutally honest.’ Gesturing about the features, wearing a purple dress and using a filter, Mira lip-synced to the Taylor Swift song to keep you calm.

She shared the video on Instagram with the caption, “Watch later VIRGO SZN Let me know your favorite virgin traits. Only. ”


Virgo Meera celebrated her birthday earlier this month. She and Shahid went to a hill station. Although the couple did not reveal details of the destination, Meera shared several pictures from there. In a post she posted one day after her birthday, Meera revealed that they were staying at a property near some forest.

During their trip, the couple enjoyed a picnic in the garden, hiking in the woods and even enjoying coffee. Mira also shared a video of fog-covered pine trees and wrote a thankyou note for birthday wishes. “Thank you all for your heartfelt wishes, enjoy the DND day after ages,” she said in the post.

Shahid shared a picture with Meera from the trip and wished her well. “Not only to share your joys, but also to share your sorrows. Not only to laugh at each other’s hands every day, in those days we cry at each other ‘s hands. You are the center of my world. And I do not want it any other way. Happy birthday,” he said.

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Not only Meera but her children were also born in Virgo. While Meera is celebrating her birthday on September 7, her daughter Misha was born on August 26 and son Jain was born on September 5.



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