The actor talked about testing positive for Kovid-19 and shared his thoughts on postponing the jersey schedule to three days before the release date.

On January 1, actor Mrinal Thakur found out that she was Kovid-19 positive. In the last week of December she was busy promoting her film jersey and at that time she felt she had signed a contract. Speaking about her hardships through quarantine, she said, “I have mild symptoms, but it dries up physically. But what drains more is loneliness. Our lives were so active and suddenly I could not digest the 14 days of rest. I can not wait to get back to work.

Thakur shared that she was hit by a backlash for coming out positive after attending a party, which she blamed on the rumor. However she believes the Kovid-19 cases have increased when people go out during the Christmas and New Year festive seasons. Ask her if she is ready for another lockdown and she will say, “I’m mentally ready for another lockdown. Health is first. Called John Hai with John Hai. We must accept everything we take to be safe and healthy. ”

Professionally, the 29-year-old actor is awaiting the release of Jersey, but the announcement came three days before it was due to hit theaters: “Waiting is always tough. It took two years for the release of Love Sonia (2018). So, let this movie take another six to seven months, whenever it is released, it will be worth it. ”

Looking at the silver lining, Thakur says, “There is nothing we can do. The audience who cursed Corona was really upset. Since I have so much time now, I watch their comments on social media. Truth be told, there is no point in releasing a movie when there is no audience to watch it. It deserves to be celebrated with an audience in the theater. I’m sure it’s going to be a good movie to watch after the epidemic.

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