I started my journey as an environmental warrior at a young age: Earth Pedneker

Earth Pedneker recently spoke at Weather Week in New York, USA. Although she was upset at not being able to attend the summit in person, she was happy to focus on the key role India will play in the global response to climate emergencies.

She shares, “In my session on how people with authority, including celebrities and influencers, can start a conversation at the central stage. I also talked about how I started my journey as a person, a weather warrior and why I am passionate about it and the different ways we can create sound, information and understanding.

Speaking about how she can help as a public figure, Pednekar says, “I am an influencer. There are people who want to hear my word. I must use that power to benefit humanity. ”

The actor began his journey as an environmental warrior many years ago and believes that the time is near when people should take the climate crisis seriously. “I started this journey at a young age and it is lonely. Climate change is real. We are in crisis and we need immediate action. It will only be possible when people from all walks of life come together and realize that this is the biggest threat facing humanity,” she explained.

What makes the actor hopeful is that climate change has finally become part of the mainstream narrative: “The news headlines over the past month have been mainly about wildfires in different countries. The heaviest rainfall this year was recorded in various parts of India. Monsoons are important but that’s the approach this year. It has extensively destroyed crops, property and human and animal life. Today, natural disasters are man-made. Through the media and influencers, we can change the way people think. ”

So, what are the lifestyle changes she has adopted? “I’m trying to live a stable life. It’s not always easy and there are moments when I wonder if I slipped. At home, like a school teacher, I make sure not to waste water. We separate our waste at source. Single use plastics are not big in my family. Single Use Plastic Free. We make sure the plastics are recycled. We compost our wet garbage at home and make fodder from it. If I have to take coffee out of the outlet, I take my own water bottle and cutlery. ” Said.

She adds, “This is not an uncomfortable life. You will save a lot of money and be free from guilt. All this goes back 15 years. We need to adapt ourselves to the life we ​​lived a decade and a half ago.



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