I get the freedom to explore content like never before: Rohan Shankar

Screenwriter Rohan Shankar, who made his Hindi language debut with a hit movie Luca ChobeHe feels that finding stories in our country is not a difficult task because every city has a story to tell.

“I love touring different cities and getting to know people. With such a large reach and mix of cultures, there is a lot to write about in our country. We have a lot of taboo topics to bring out in the introduction in a simple and sarcastic way,” says the screenwriter at Meme And Suraj Be Mangal Bhari.

Schenker calls himself a writer by chance. He recalls, “I never had to go ahead with MBA etc so I decided to try my hand at a film institute. I got to a private institute in Mumbai. At that time, I only knew two careers in acting and directing. So, I inquired About them and I was told that the fees for both courses are much higher NS1 lakh and I was like Aetna bass to nai hai just bass (laughs).”

“So, I took the brochure and scrolled down. There was this writing course for 25K and I was like mujhe yahi karna hai. Since it wasn’t a popular course, we were only one or two students. Soon I started enjoying writing and comfort is history.”

A fan of Golden Age movies like catha And chubby chubbyShankar started his writing career with the critically acclaimed Marathi comedy-drama Lalbawji Rani Directed by Laxman Otkar.

“I like to be inspired by old films because they have real characters and they have a kind of social element in them. That’s what I try to bring to my content as well. Fortunately, this is the best time to work in Hindi cinema. Because as a creative person, I get complete freedom to explore the content Like never before. Also, cinema viewing is high at all times due to the multiplicity of platforms and that is why so many good stories are told.”

Shankar is known for his witty and traditional scripts and is busy writing multiple projects. “With the script and dialogues of the recently released Helmet movie receiving good reviews, I am really happy to be able to write what he loves. Making Small Towns one of my writing characters as well is going well with viewers. Soon more of my work will be on screens.” .


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