I am now an interesting movie star: Chandan Roy Sanyal

The actor has developed into an actor over the past ten years; He said he plans to venture into international cinema

Actor Chandan Roy Sanyal made his debut with Rang De Basanti (2006) 16 years ago. Having worked across Bollywood, Bengali cinema and the web space, he now wants to enter international cinema and is preparing for it.

He told us, “I want to come out and work with the best talent in the world and get (global) exposure. I want them to interact with each other and create a scene or story with them. That is my goal. I am trying to express it in my own universe.

Sanyal believes that he has evolved into an artist for the last ten years and is now an “interesting movie star”. He explained, “I work with light, camera lens, composition and angles. I have now become a calm and effortless actor. As a theater actor, you know how to use your space, but as a film actor, it can be challenging because you have limited space.

As he plans to direct his attention to indie projects after the award-winning short film So Sicily, which he directed, produced and starred in, Ray admits that the actor has no fear of diverting the attention of commercial filmmakers. “It’s a loss for them if they do not cast me,” says Sanyal. “I’m ready to act in all languages. It’s all about basic art form acting. It’s not about consolidating your position in one place and becoming like everyone else. Then I decided to do what I feel like.

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