HT NxT: Kirti Kulhari says she has paid more than her men for the projects she runs

  • HT NxT: Kirti Kulhari knows that she is paid more than her male counterparts, at least in the projects she leads.

Posted on September 23, 2021 07:27 PM IST

Krithi Kulhari says she earns more than her men on most projects. Speaking at the HT NxT session on Thursday, Kirti opened his mind to the issue of wage inequality.

Kirti said, “In my opinion, as I understand it, the projects I am a part of and the projects I am running; I feel paid more than my men. Absolutely.”

She said, “I do not know the numbers, but (it) is a common idea I have. It shows that I am ahead, I’m definitely getting paid more or less than my men.”

Sayani Gupta, Jaideep Ahlawat and Rasika Dugal were also guests at the session. While Jaideep Ahlawat joked that Kirti should reveal the amount she received for her projects, her statement made four more shots for her, while co-star Sayani Gupta was overwhelmed with praise.

During the discussion, Sayani Gupta revealed that a casting director had told her that ‘it is a rule that men are more than women’. Amorous Dugal added, “I do not know the statistics, but I have been told that there are inequalities. But, I can not say for sure and I’m not sure if I am being discriminated against in this matter. I have no information at all.”

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This year marks the inaugural, virtual edition of the HT NxT, a first-rate platform aimed at bringing Next-Gen leaders & newsmakers together to discuss relevant issues and provide innovative solutions for a better tomorrow. The 2021 theme is ‘Leading to change’.

Kirti recently appeared on Netflix’s The Girl on the Train and Hot Star Shadistan. Last year, she was widely praised for her performance on the web show Criminal Justice: Behind Closed Doors.




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