Evergreen Dev Anand celebrated for his looks, performance and his charisma, which skyrocketed in every frame he was a part of. Although there are multiple films in which the late actor shined as a performer, most of those films were the result of his collaboration with his brother and director Vijay Anand. Directed some of the most popular features starring Dev Anand in the lead role including Vijay Anand Guide, Jewel Thief, Johnny Mera Nam, Kala Bazaar and Now Do Gara.

Now Do Gara is the first film directed by Vijay Anand starring Dev Anand and Kalpana Karthik in the lead roles. The Hollywood movie It Happened One Night is said to have been well-influenced, making the film a comedy-thriller. But without Dev Anand, the film would never have been produced. It is a script that focuses on detail, a script that respects all the artists involved, and gives evidence of how best to present their parts while bringing the film to life. It was scripted by Vijay Anand and bankrolled by Dev Anand. Conversational songs by Now Do Gara that carry the film forward, remember them? Or melodic SD Burman songs, especially “Ankhon Mein Kya Ji”, sung by Kishore Kumar and Asha Bhosle. The funny number, written by Majrooh Sultan Puri, begins with a dialogue in which Anand says, “Mary apni re hai ki zindagi hai ek majedar cheese”. And soon, the fictional character began to hum the song.

They are not just complements, they are a part of the big story, telling us where the story is going so that the actors are not synchronized with what is going on around them. It was these details that enlightened the artists. This aspect of Vijay Anand’s film made Dev Anand not just a star but a ‘star performer’. And this kind of understanding and observation followed the brothers in their next projects, the most beloved of whom was the guide.

Based on RK Narayan’s novel The Guide, Vijay Anand-Dev Anand Waheed Rehman played the heroine in this movie. In many ways, the Guide is a film that shatters the glass ceiling of how prostitution is portrayed or perceived on screen in Indian cinema. The film is centered around Impossible Union, a happy-go-lucky guide and married Rosie (Rahman). The guide will be the best performance of its two leaders’ careers, and Waheeda Rehman would not have been on board without her friend Dev Anand.

In an interview with Simi Garewal, popular actor Dev Anand insisted that it was a ‘lifetime role’ as she had rejected it many times in the past and wanted to accept it. Now it feels so hard to imagine a movie without both of them. Rahman spoke about how she disagreed with then film director Raj Khosla. “But you know how persuasive Dev was. He called out, ‘Come on, Waheeda. Let the time pass. Everyone makes mistakes.’ But I refused to move,” she said in an interview.

Eventually, Raj Khosla was replaced by Chetan Anand, but he did not want Waheeda. “One director, I didn’t want to, another director didn’t want me. I think Chetansab wants Priya Rajavanshji, but Dev is adamant. They need a dancer and Priyaji cannot dance. Eventually Vijay Anand came on board and he was able to get an awe-inspiring performance from both his leads. The guide presents Dev Anand as we have rarely seen before – Dev Anand with a beard, Sanyasi Dev Anand, Dev Anand with a confusing, haunting look. The twinkle in his eye was gone, and the signature hand gestures were gone. Dev Anand was transformed, appearing to be two people in the same body. Rosie and the Guide — An unfortunate match and one you can not avoid.

Then there is Noir, a hit pair starring Kala Bazaar, Dev Anand and Waheeda Rehman. Kala Bazaar is an incredibly ambiguous film, a dark feature of Anand’s jolly-nature. One of the most famous scenes from Kala Bazaar is the Mother India premiere scene, which features celebrities like Dilip Kumar, Guru Dutt, Nargis, Lata Mangeshkar. The brothers shine here again, but Dev Anand is more than anyone in the movie. Despite his rogue hero’s career his pleasure is to hold viewers in its grip. Here is the interesting thing about Kala Bazaar for movie lovers – this is the only film starring three Anand brothers; Dev, Vijay and Chetan Anand.

Finally, in 1967, the Jewel Thief was released. Dev Anand plays a jewelery expert and worked with the police to catch the culprit in this heist-thriller. Another film that shows how the Anand brothers worked harmoniously together. Dev Anand appeared in top form when he captivated and amazed the audience with his antics as the protagonist, but Vijay Anand’s skill set took the film to another level. Not only does the filmmaker showcase his cast, but he also knows how to make them good and standard, thereby keeping us engaged at all times. Vijay Anand and Dev Anand also worked for another thriller post; Johnny Mera Naam successfully completes the trilogy of thrillers in Vijay Anand’s expected work (the other two are Teaser Manzil and Jewel Thief).

In an earlier interview, Dev Anand once said that people like him because he appears on screen as a real life person. Explaining further about it, the actor said, “I am very honest with myself, I am very honest about my career. I think a lot about my work. I am a graduate, I travel around the world, I know people, I want to know them when I talk to them. I read, I write and I think, in that way, I am an enlightened person, and in that enlightenment I feel right, I want to let everyone know that. ”

That care and passion for cinema is evident in his films, and in his previous films he has provided multiple acclaimed blockbusters with his brother Vijay Anand.


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