Have you seen Ranjish Hi Sahini? Visit Mahesh Bhatt and Parveen Bobby’s heartbreaking love story again

Mahesh Bhatt’s Voot Select series Ranjish Hi Sahi Parveen is said to have taken his love affair with Bobby with some creative liberties. As Indian Express critic Shubhra Gupta puts it in her review, the show takes us back to the Bollywood of the time, “that era was filled with cross-producers, Randy Leading Men, Ranshakil studios, single-screen theaters, and influential gossip journalists. Chevrolet Impass and landlines. All were very painstakingly rebuilt. Nostalgia is on full display.

Starring Tahir Raj Bhasin, Amrita Puri and Amala Paul, this web show is a love story between a struggling director and a superstar. In real life, Mahesh Bhatt and Parveen Bobby’s love story is said to have started in 1977 when she broke up with her then boyfriend Kabir Bedi. Nursing for a broken heart, she teamed up with Mahesh, a common friend of the couple. As he comforted her, they became closer and soon fell in love. He left his wife Lorraine Bright aka Kiran Bhatt and daughter Pooja to live with Parveen and her mental health issues created confusion in their relationship.

In an interview with Filmfare, Mahesh Bhatt revealed that one evening in 1979, he entered Parveen’s apartment and requested the actor to check in only to see her mother in the corridor. On the way into the bedroom, he was shocked to see the scene.

“Parveen is dressed in a film costume and sits in the corner between the wall and the bed. Her gait was like a beast. She has a kitchen knife in her hand. ‘What are you doing?’ I asked. She said, ‘Shh …! Not to speak! This room is buggy. They are trying to kill me; They are going to put a chandelier on me. She grabbed my hand and led me out. I saw her mother looking at me helplessly. Her gaze revealed that this episode had happened before; This is not the first time, ”Mahesh shared.

As an obedient boyfriend, he consulted top psychiatrists who told her she was suffering from paranoid schizophrenia. When he tries to help her, Parveen’s delusions intensify and they break up. He recalled in the same interview, “Sometimes she says there is a bug in the air conditioner. We had to tear it down and show her. Other times there is a ‘bug’ in the fan or in the perfume.

Describing another incident when Parveen believed there was a bomb in the car they were traveling in, the filmmaker said. “She opened the door of her moving car, told me the bomb was going to explode and ran down the road trying to catch me. People thought ‘Parveen Bobby’ was having an altercation with her boyfriend. Somehow I got her in a taxi and took her home.”

In an interview with TOI, Mahesh Bhatt As his lady love went through these breakdowns, he revealed that he himself had experienced the pain of ‘making my own for two and a half years’. While doctors were advising her on electroconvulsive therapy, he did not want her to suffer and fled with her to his philosophical friend Yuji Krishnamurthy in Bangalore.

Believing to be part of the problem, he left Parveen in the care of his friend and returned to Mumbai a few months later. After going back to his wife and trying to mend his marriage. Mahesh Bhatt started working on his breakthrough film Artha, which he called ‘cathartic’. And when she returned immediately, the couple parted ways after realizing that this ‘relationship was doomed’.

However, it was Mahesh Bhatt who claimed her body when Parveen Bobby died in 2005. “If none of her relatives came forward, I wanted to bury her. She is the basis of my success. Art (based on his relationship with Parveen) is the lifeblood of my resurrection. You take away this defining watershed tragedy and my article does not exist. I owe her everything. I got the closed feeling by proposing to bury her, ”he told Filmfare.

Apart from writing and directing Arth’s autobiographical film Arth about his relationship with Parveen Bobby, Mahesh Bhatt also wrote and produced Wo Lamhe in 2006. Directed by his nephew Mohit Suri, the film starred Kangana Ranaut and Shiny Ahuja and was a resounding success. . Earlier in 1993, he directed Fir Teri Kahani Yad Aayi starring Pooja Bhatt and Rahul Roy for Zee TV.



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