Hardy Sandow: There is a little disappointment with the delay in 1983

The pandemic-induced delay in the release of the much-anticipated sports drama,”83Singer and actor, Hardy Sandow left disappointed but not discouraged. He says he is looking forward to the movie opening when cinemas return to 100 per cent occupancy.

It’s been more than a year since the ongoing Covid-19 crisis prompted the plan to release the film led by Ranveer Singh, which navigates the journey of winning the 1983 World Cup with a spotlight on the players. It was first scheduled to release on April 10 in 2020, then the team booked June 4, 2021 as the release date, which was once again held up by the second wave.

“There is a bit of a sense of disappointment because of all the delays. Throughout my life and my career, I’ve had to wait to achieve a lot of things. I’ve seen that. So, I’m patient enough, and the result that often appears after waiting is always good. So jitna bhi time lagaye, it’s okay for me,” shares Sandhu, who turns 35 today.

He continues: “Like, jaise aap kabhi kabhi surrender kar dete ho na ke jo hoga jab tab hoga. It will happen forever. Patience ka val hamisha dead huta hai.”

along with 83He will also appear in a thriller alongside actor Parineeti Chopra. “But the movie I’m most excited about is 83. With all the hard work put in by everyone associated with the movie, the movie turned out to be amazing. I’m waiting for it to open when theaters open at full capacity.”

Leaving his cricket career, over the years Sandhu has made a name for himself in the music industry with hits like switchAnd Kia Bat EyeAnd Nah goryAnd Chandigarh Maine And Backbones. While appearing in your music videos, are you planning to take on acting as a full-time job?

“Music is my passion. I never knew I loved acting, dheere samjh aa raha hai. I love acting, but my first love will always be music. I want to act but only if I get a very good script to do,” he shares.

Speaking about his birthday plans this year, Sandhu said, “Mostly I work on my birthday, but this year, I’m going to spend time with my family and close friends. You feel special when people call you to wish you, but it’s just another day for me.”



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