Govinda’s wife Sunita Krishna accuses Abhishek: ‘I don’t want to see his face’

Krishna Abhishek confirmed a few days later that he was not appearing in the episode Kapil Sharma will be joined by his uncle Govinda in the show And his family, the actor’s wife Sunita Ahuja retaliated. Govinda joins Sunita and their children Tina and Yashvardhan in the Kapil Sharma show episode. Over the past few years family feuds have become public knowledge due to the commercial allegations of Krishna and Govinda and their families. It all started after Sunita Krishna’s wife tweeted about ‘people dancing for money’ at Kashmera. She said the tweet was aimed at Govinda.

Govinda, however, did not respond Kapil’s lack of darkness for the show, His wife spoke now. “I am so saddened to find out what Krishna Abhishek said about my family and I refusing to be a part of the episode as guests. He told ETimes that both parties did not want to share the stage,” she told ETimes.

Krishna Abhishek Teri Bhabhi Hai Pagle Govinda Dark anointing with Govinda.

She also referred to a statement issued by Govinda last year, alleging that Krishna had made defamatory statements, but declined to comment further on the matter. “I reiterated that we want to maintain a respectable distance, but I have reached a point where I feel the issue needs to be resolved. Whenever we appear on the show, he just says something about us in the media for publicity … Hamara show with Uske Bagai Bhi hit hi hi, ur ye wala bhi hoga ( Without him our show would have been a hit and it would have been even better). “

Sunita also mentioned that Krishna’s talent was limited to using his mother’s name. “Isn’t he talented enough to give a hit show without using Mama’s name?” She asked. She also ruled out the end of the rift. “It’s never going to happen. Three years ago, I said things would not be resolved as long as I lived.

In his statement, Govinda said in November, “I am saddened to speak openly about this, but it is too late for the truth to come out. I did not read the show because my nephew (Krishna Abhishek) invited me as a guest on a TV show. He also told me about our relationship. His statement contained many defamatory remarks and was thoughtless.

Before their performance, Kapil said that the two parties were not interested in appearing together on the show. This is a comedy show. Pata Nahi Kaun C Bath Laker Body Bath Bun Jaye Phir Phir Wohi Sub Hoga Ki Aisa Bol Dia, Visa Bol Dia (you never know what ad will explode). I did not want to create a problem. I’m sure audiences will look forward to my performance when Govinda ji arrives on the show, but I realized it would be better not to do the show.



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