Actor Govinda released his new song titled “Hello” on Wednesday and we may wonder why he did so. From the terrible music and lyrics to the below average production, the song is awkward and everything Govinda Fans will never want to see. Actress Nisha Sharma is also in the music video.

“Hello” tries to be a love ballad, dance track and fun number and ends up being the song’s unbearable hotpatch. Govinda, who is said to be one of the biggest entertainers in Bollywood, did not show much interest in music video. The choreography is very basic and does not meet the Govinda standards. In fact, we’m sure the actor will be left alone with those moves when there are no planned dance steps.

The song structure called for a separate discussion. It is not only cheap, but also fragile. On the bridal-like set you can see the staff and camera shadows along with the electric wires.

Last seen in Rangeela Raja (2019) is Govinda, Raja Babu, Dulhe Raja, Hero no. 1, Bade Mian has rich filmography that includes some of the best comedies of the 90s such as Chote Mian and Sajan Chale Sasural. But when he released songs like “Hello”, his loyal fans had no choice but to go into anonymity.


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