Divya Dutta: Watching people get fully vaccinated

Actress Divya Dutta is currently shooting for her next film. Meet Sharmaji, In Mumbai, and even between the epidemic she is happy that work is finally going smoothly. The actor thinks that awareness about the vaccine is the reason to go in the right direction.

“Now it’s been fun to shoot and go out without much fear. I hope there is no third wave (Kovid-19). It’s really heartwarming to be fully vaccinated by people. , Everyone is taking care of you, so, somewhere, normalcy will increase, ”the actor who appeared later shared Dhakad.

However, there was one thing she missed on set – she was unable to hug her co-workers. “I missed that happie, and how we choose each other when we meet after a long time. Now we can not do it and right. Now, we have started doing elbow and punch hugs. The 44-year-old actor lamented.

She calls herself a man who is excited about her birthday Complete punishment The actor is tired of sharing that he likes to be luxurious on his special day.

“The little kid in me is always alive! I’m never wanted to admit it, but I’m so happy. I never did a quiet birthday. Last year, during the epidemic, I thought it would be quiet, but I ended up with the kids in my apartment building. Another on a bicycle – it’s more of their celebration. They sang and danced for me. Sometimes, there are work birthdays. This year too I will bring it on my movie sets, ”Dutta concluded.



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