Dino Morea talks about his equation with his ex-girlfriend Bipasha Basu: “I don’t think it has ever changed’

Actor Dino Morea, who dated actor Bipasha Basu during their early days in Bollywood, said his equation with her has never changed. In a new interview with Hindustan Times, Dino talks about his ex-girlfriend Bipasha, his latest show The Empire and is facing a backlash for the historical web series recently shown on Disney+ Hotstar.

When asked if his equation with Bipasha Basu changed after their breakup, Dino Moriah said, “My equation with Bipasha Basu didn’t change from Raaz to Jonah. I don’t think it ever changed. Yes, we were dating when we were shooting Raaz. Then we didn’t. We’re dating during Gunaah. But, I think we were professional actors and we both wanted to be professional on sets and in the industry. So, we didn’t let our personal relationship come between our work, we left that apart from the work we did. I think we handled everything very professionally” . Both films were released in 2002.

Dino further said, “My equation with her is still…I mean we respect each other and we are both still very friendly and friendly. In fact, we don’t really talk much but we do talk now and then and there are those cherished memories that were great. So, the equation is great!” “

Dino’s recent appearance as Shaybani Khan in The Empire, created by Nikhil Advani, is highly regarded. However, a group of people also demanded that the series be banned on the web, claiming that it “glorifies the Mongols”. In response, the actor said, “I was on this show and took on the character (Sheibani Khan), and I didn’t even once think there would be any backlash. First, this (web series) is based on a book. Second, there’s a lot of fiction. We’re not saying it’s anyone’s autobiography. We’re just making a drama, we’re just making a story, from an era 600 years ago, a story that happened in another country, Ferghana, which is now Uzbekistan.”

Dino Morea in a snapshot of the Empire.
Dino Morea in a snapshot of the Empire.

He added, “The people who had trouble with the show after its release are actually the ones who haven’t even watched the show. More people have liked the show than had a problem with it. Moreover, we don’t hurt anyone, nor do we glorify anyone, other than What people say. If you watch the show, you’ll know what I mean. So, all of this didn’t affect me, and it still doesn’t glorify. The show was done great and people love it. So, I’m more excited than worried about anything at all.”

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As Dino said, “Yes, we live in an age where everyone has a phone and everyone has an opinion. And there are trolls. I keep repeating this. Trolls don’t pay your bills. You can’t build your life on their opinions. You build your life, and you live your life on your terms.” Your opinion matters and the opinions of the people closest to you matter. No one else’s opinion matters.”



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