Dino Morea on taking ‘small jobs’ to stay afloat: ‘Cut the ribbon somewhere, judge some competition in Darjeeling’

Actor Dino Morea, the new hit on the Disney+ Hotstar series The Empire, has opened up about taking a break from acting after Pyaar Impossible in 2010. In an interview with Hindustan Times, he talked about why he turns down every show that comes his way, going through “so many insufficiencies” security” and takes on “small jobs” to keep it going.

After Pyaar Impossible, Dino’s next full role came seven years later, in the Malayalam Solo movie. Since last year, he’s been seen on a number of digital projects, including Mentalhood, Hostages, and Tandav. He was recently seen as the antagonist in The Empire and received praise for his performance.

Explaining his absence from the films, Dino said that the offers he was receiving were “really bad”. “If I did these films or roles, I knew I would dig my grave further. Eventually, the industry would watch those films and they would say, ‘What nonsense is he doing!” The audience would watch those films and they would say, “Yes Kar Raha Hai (what is he doing), Failed actor!”, he said.

Although Dino made a “conscious decision to say no to anything modest,” she didn’t come without her share of insecurities. “It’s been a really tough time because you’re walking away from the industry. People say ‘out of sight, out of mind’ and you, as an actor, are thinking, ‘Am I going to get a show again?’ There are a lot of insecurities but you just have to be positive, And you have to work on yourself and be prepared that if a show comes your way, you can just smash it and do a really good job.”

There were times when Dino was tempted to accept an offer only for money. “You have to run a house, pay your bills, you have to earn money to survive. It is not easy to survive. I don’t have a salaried job,” he said. That if I did, I would sink even more. It’s like the stock market, your stocks are getting worse and then no one will invest in those stocks if you keep making the quality of your stocks bad.”

Dino met several filmmakers and producers during this time but it did not translate into exciting performances. “I went and knocked on doors and said, ‘Hey, I want to work, I’m still here, I’m here,'” he said, ‘but alas, nothing great happened my way.

Meanwhile, Dino has taken on “small jobs” to stay afloat. “When I say little jobs,” he said, “you do these little appearances, you go here and you visit there, you get small amounts of money just to be present because you are.”

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“It was basically my small business…cutting a ribbon somewhere or traveling to be a judge on some pageant in Darjeeling. It was those small kinds of jobs that kept me going and I am grateful to people for noticing me.”

Dino also invested his money in various businesses. “I lost my money there too and that was the scary part because I thought the business was going to take off…there were some really scary moments. What I earned in my previous years as an actor, I knew I had to invest smartly to stay afloat. I was investing in two companies Some worked well, some didn’t.

At the moment, Dino is taking his time choosing his next project. “I haven’t figured it out yet, but whatever I do next, I obviously want to try to make it the best I can because I’ve waited nine years for an opportunity like this, so I’m in no rush to get out and prove myself again in the acting space. I just I want to do a good job.

“As an actor, I’m looking at different things at the moment, nothing has been confirmed. And as a producer, I want to support good content. I had a Helmet release last Friday and now, we have a few scripts and a few more shows, which I’m producing. They say. , “When it rains, it pours. It flows and I am happy,” it occurred.



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