Dia Mirza’s 2022 Goal: I will do everything I can to accelerate collective action for a healthier planet

Dia Mirza, who has been passionate about the environment and has been fighting for a long time on environmental issues, believes that the time to discuss the issue has passed and now is the time to take action.

“I’m not satisfied with talking about climate change in the new year. Time is running out for the environment. Champion.

Although she enthusiastically adopts a consistent, zero-waste lifestyle among other things, the actress says she wants to do more.

“I have already taken steps towards this resolution by doing my part for the families who lost forest guards and investing money in sustainable businesses,” said Mirza, who dedicated his birthday last year to frontline forest warriors who lost their lives due to Kovid-19. Pledge 40 lakhs to the families of the deceased.

The actor, who celebrated his Zero-Waste marriage with Mumbai-based businessman Vaibhav Rekhi, welcomed their son Avyan Azad Rekhi last year, saying, “As a mother, I feel more urgent about climate change and hope to mobilize changeers across the board. The world must come together and protect the environment.

The 40-year-old, who hosts informative sessions on environmental issues on Instagram, says now is the time to do more for herself and for everyone.

“In the future, my production house will also create content that supports the Sustainable Development Goals and I am ready to include young people in this conversation about climate change so that they can inherit this planet and lead this movement to the right end.” Wrong (2020) Actor ..



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