Dia Mirza celebrated Daughters’ Day with a picture of her stepdaughter Samira. Dia, who went to her Instagram Stories, shared a photo on the balcony with her husband Vaibhav Rekhi and his daughter Sameera.

The happy family dressed in yellow and made insulting expressions in the film. Sharing the photo, Dia wrote, “Happy Daughters’ Day girlfriend Samira. We’re so thankful for you baby!”

Happy Daughter's Day to Dia Mirza stepdaughter Samira.
Happy Daughter’s Day to Dia Mirza stepdaughter Samira.

Dia shared a close bond with Samira. The actor, earlier this year, starred with her on the Instagram reel, in which the two danced to the song Eco Ico (My Bestie) written by Justin Wellington. Both wore matching costumes and performed a dance routine. Dia and Samira seemed to have the ball while making the video, before Samira finally tripped and fell.

The actor also has a glorious son named Avyan Azad, whom they welcomed in May. Sharing the news on Instagram, Dia said, “Sudden appendectomy during my pregnancy and subsequent and severe bacterial infection has been proven to lead to sepsis and can be fatal.

Dia welcomed Avyan home earlier this month. After coming home, Dia shared a picture with Avyan taken by her husband Vaibhav and wrote, “Our story Avyan has just started. We truly thank all the good people who took good care of Avon during the first 4 months of your life.

“Avon, you have taught us the power of humility, kindness and prayer. Be blessed. You have fulfilled us in all ways,” he added.

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Dia and Vaibhav got married earlier this year. The couple got married at her home in Mumbai.


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