Dia Mirza posed inside her classhouse when she wrote an emotional note for Avon. See picture

  • Dia Mirza was torn when she spent four hours away from her son Avon, and wrote him a note about why she had to work.

Posted on September 24, 2021 03:01 PM IST

Dia Mirza left for work on Thursday, the first time since becoming her mother earlier this year. In a special note posted on Instagram and partly addressed to her son Avyan, she wrote that she should work hard to make the world a better place for her to grow up.

Sharing her picture of herself wearing a kaftan, Dia wrote in her headline, “Finally I left to take part in a very special event last evening. More about it soon! For now, even though it’s been very hard to get away from Avon for those 4 hours, I want to thank this wonderful team for making me feel super. Mamma works in them, because in our John Mamma wants to make the world a better place for you to grow up. ”

Dia Mirza posed inside her house.
Dia Mirza posed inside her house.

Dia’s image also provided the artwork inside her Mumbai home, the wooden flooring, the tall lampshade and the wall. Old pictures of her home posted by Dia reveal her love for nature. The living space has large windows for enough sunlight, and her sill is covered with all kinds of plants.

Dia and her husband Vaibhav Rekhi welcomed Avyan earlier this year. In an Instagram post announcing her birth, Dia wrote that she was born prematurely and had to be under observation for several weeks in hospital.

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“Avon, you have taught us the power of humility, kindness and prayer. Be blessed baby. You have done us all things. Without your strength and prayers all our family and friends could not be half comforted this time,” she wrote in her post.



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