Actor Ajay Devgn writes letter to 20-year-old on National Youth Day In his letter, Ajay He wrote about the difficulties of trying to fit in and how he ‘miraculously failed’. He also referred to the cruel rejections he received. However, there is a suggestion for his childhood – it will be worth it all.

Ajay Devgan He wrote, “Dear 20-year-old, You are making your mark in this new world as an actor. Let me be honest, you have to face brutal denials. Shy and traditional, you try your best to fit in but fail miserably. People’s criticisms and doubts are harsh and it makes you question your dreams. You fail more than you succeed. ”

He added, “But spoiler warning, it will be worth everything… because one day, slowly, you will realize that being yourself is your greatest strength. So hesitate a little but do not stop. Continue pushing boundaries and do not turn global expectations into obstacles. Always be true, always be yourself. Learn how to dance, which will help in the long run. Love you, big, intelligent, good looking you. “

Ajay Devgn made his film debut in 1991 with Fool Aur Conte. Soon, he became a celebrity in the 90s and effortlessly transformed into the 2000s. The actor tried his hand at romance, horror, comedy and thriller. He last appeared in a guest role in the film Suryavanshi.


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