Chunky Pandey recalled that a few days after the wedding the wife was fed raw butter chicken by conception

Chunky Pandey narrates the story of when she went to meet her fianc’s in-laws before marrying Bhavana Pandey and it is said that she actually prepared dinner for everyone when she ordered food.

Chunky recalls a comedy story in the Discovery + Show Star vs. Food episode starring his daughter Ananya Pandey as a guest. Ananya came to the event with the aim of preparing some bakery items for his parents and friend, photographer Rohan Shrestha.

He said, “She and her mother never cooked anything for me. But she made up some good stories and told me, but never took food.”

After tasting the two recipes prepared by Ananya, he joked, “Look Ananya, I will not blame you if you make a little mistake, because it is a hereditary problem. Especially since no one in the family knows how to cook on your mom’s side. ”

He used the opportunity to start a story. “When we get married I tell you … Bhavana is a ‘Delhivali’ and I was invited to their house for dinner. Beautiful butter chicken, Chinese and everything was served … and I ate ‘Daba’, and then Bhavana’s mother, Nani tells me , ‘Bhavana ne sub kuch banaya hai (Bhavana did everything)’.

The concept was protested. “No shit, she never said that,” she said, and Chunky repeated, “Don’t lie.” He continued, “And then I went to the kitchen and checked, and these ‘cans’ from different restaurants … I swear, I immediately said’ yes’. Then, the third day after our wedding, the cook ran away. I thought, ‘Why you? Why not cook? ‘ She made butter chicken and it was raw. “

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Chunky and concept married in 1998. He has also appeared several times on the Netflix reality show Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives, which addresses the personal and professional issues of Bhavana, Seema Khan, Maheep Kapoor and Neelam Kothari Soni. The second season was green-lit.



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