Blurred in oblivion, but kept most of my spirits: Chunky Pandey on his 35-year journey as an actor

Chunky Pandey, now 59, shared his mantra in life and what helped him stay positive despite the brickwork; He has no regrets

By Titus Chaudhary

Posted on September 26, 2021 10:02 IST

“If I had to renew my life, I would do exactly the same things,” Chunky Pandey said, looking back on his 35-year long career. The actor, who made his debut with Aag Hai Aag (1987), said he had no regrets, “I enjoyed the ups and downs, the laughter, the suffering, the excitement and the adventures. It’s a casino-like hit and miss game. I knew that someday it would come. ”

His happy-go-lucky attitude helped him cope with the brickwork. “I like to make people happy. I’m watching Mera Nam Joker (1970) the other day and I realize I have to call myself Happy Joker!” And it will be a working birthday for the actor. “I used to want to take girls somewhere and celebrate the destination birthday. But right now, Ananya (daughter, actor), Bhavana (wife) and I are busy shooting. So, we have to postpone the birthday celebrations. I’m so happy to be working on my birthday. I did work birthdays, ”he said.

Ask what his mantra is, and Pandey says, “I think life is a game of cricket. The idea is to stay at the crease and bat. I saw all the shades of life as a hero. I went into oblivion and came back. But I always kept my head and soul high. All the actors should be ready for this. The big ones go the big way through it. It happens to each of us. In our industry, luck can change overnight.

A few months ago, the actor lost his mother Dr Snehalatha Pandey. “My mother lived a happy life. She started a conversation about obesity and slimming in the country and she was an acclaimed doctor,” he said. Ask him out well if he is no longer absorbed in the connection and if so, what he is saying. It didn’t bother me. It’s damage and it’s normal. It’s a part of life. If you are an actor or a public figure, you need to be ready for it and take it to your stride. ”




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