Bipasha Basu, who has completed 20 years in Bollywood: I was told not to tan because I am already dull

From being so bohemian and sexy to receiving unnecessary advice on her complexion, Bipasha Basu came face to face with Bollywood’s unpublished rule book when she stepped into the movies. . Two decades later, she was happy not to follow the rules, and took the less traveled road.

Basu started her acting career in 2001 with Multi Starrer Agnostic, Abbas – Directed by Mustan.

“When I first met my hairdresser skill, they taught me basically what the rules of being a heroine were at the time. And they were so funny and hilarious to me,” she jokingly said, “As an actress, you had to hide in those days. But I’m very different. That’s why the bohemian tag. It came to me very fast. My choice of characters was very different. My existence was very different. I did not look like the best, fair, short, shy girl. I looked so scary, fiery and sexy. “

And Basu, 42, ignored the ‘sexy’ tag. She explains, “Today, sexy has become a very simple adjective. But back then, when people called me sexy, there might be questions, how do I feel about it. But I don’t know why they thought I was a bohemian. It may be because I do not hide and speak my mind. ”

Ask her to tell us more about the rules she is told to follow, the actor explains some strange situations.

“I remember drinking iced tea in a glass while I was shooting Agnostic In Switzerland. My hairdresser came and told me, ‘Everyone thinks you’ve been drinking whiskey.’ She asked me to drink a cup to avoid this realization. This time, I was wearing a backless blouse, she told me ‘actresses should not dress like this’ and she told me that I should only wear it on screen.

Because she did not want to create a fake personality, and felt that all this was too hypocritical, angered the actor.

“If you can not wear anything in your normal life, I’m asked you how you can wear it on screen. Raj (2002) The actress added that she “could not understand this double standard”.

Here, Basu, who is married to actor Karan Singh Grover, recalls an incident early in her career when she announced that her boyfriend was coming to the set and how it upset others. “You asked me why you were talking about your boyfriend. It’s a very personal thing. I’m not ashamed of my boyfriend and need not hide it from him,” she shared.

Sometimes, not only about her clothes or lifestyle, Basu had to listen to some comments.

“Even though I’m in the evening, I like to sunbathe. But I was told, ‘You should always walk with an umbrella.’ I now understand why you need umbrellas. Nothing stopped me, “she said proudly.” Some of the rules I was told to follow from my first film, I never followed. “

After completing 20 years in Bollywood, Basu credited her for giving a great start to her first film Abbas-Mustan Directors.

“On my first film set, Agnostic, I am not a newcomer, but the equivalent. That is why Abbas Bhai Mustar Mustan Bhai will always be special. If my experience was different and I didn’t have such excellent directors, I wouldn’t even want to be an actor. I really attributed my journey as Bipasha Basu to them, ”she promised, soon to return as a thriving actor on screen.


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