Bigg Boss OTT duo Shamita Shetty-Rakesh Bapat go to dinner date, see pictures

After connecting the recently concluded first season of Bigg Boss OTT hosted by Karan Johar, Shamita Shetty And Rakesh Bapat arrived in Mumbai on Friday night for a dinner date.

The two said they were “just friends at the moment” as they laid hands on the paparazzi outside a posh restaurant in the Worli area of ​​Mumbai. Rakesh was seen wearing a black shirt paired with denim and Shamita was wearing a beige dress.

Smita Rakesh Shamita Shetty and Rakesh Bapat came out for a dinner date on Friday night in Worli area of ​​Mumbai. (Photo: Varinder Chawla)
Smita Shetty Shamita Shetty and Rakesh Bapat both looked at each other as the shuttlebugs clicked. (Photo: Varinder Chawla)

After Bigg Boss came out of the OTT house, Rakesh expressed his admiration for Shamita with open and sincere behavior and expressed that the two get to know each other.

Responding to a fan who asked about their relationship status, he said, “It’s slow and steady. We spent some time together, but not for long. We need to get to know each other better, and I’m sure she’s doing that. We have to deal with the heart of the place. Let’s see where it goes. We try. We love each other, we are great friends, when anything happens, you know. “

After coming out of the show, Rakesh was infuriated to see how much Shamita defended himself in Bigg Boss OTT. “I melted again. She was sweet enough to save me. She had my back, I knew she would do it. But the look was different. My knees felt weak.”

Shamita Shetty also seems to have agreed with her family because he said they talked to her on the phone. “They found her very sweet. They liked our chemistry and our bond. They were glad there was someone at home for my back. They even talked to her on the phone,” Rakesh said.



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