Pawan Kriplani, a well-known director for Bhoot Police starring Ragini MMS and Saif Ali Khan-Arjun Kapoor, believes that horror films have a transcendent appeal to language and culture.

The director, who has also worked on the phobia of the horror film Dar @ The Mall and Radhika Apte starring Jimmy Shirgill, says there are some great things going on in the genre.

“I believe it’s a style that transcends boundaries and language. It’s a universal style of horror. It’s something that has come to the screen in recent years. But horror movies have always been made. Etc. are.

“What has happened in the meantime is that the story is tied to B-movies, which have no story and things are just to scare you. Now, the filmmakers are making it with depth and it’s more than just a horror film,” Kriplani told PTI in an interview.

The director says he has always been fascinated with horror films and that Hollywood movies like Shawn of the Dead and Ghostbusters are his all-time favorites.

Bhoot Police, with two brothers – Saif’s Vibhuti and Kapoor’s Chirounji – seems to have approved Ghostbusters’ Kriplani, a classic about an extraordinary New York team of 1984 scientists who capture ghosts alive.

The film was initially set to star Fatima Sana Sheikh, Ali Fazal and Saif but over the years, the producers and cast have changed.

“I wrote this after my first film ‘Ragini MMS’. Saif and I wanted to do this film. The other two actors were committed to other projects and so things did not materialize. I am fortunate to have Arjun Kapoor. He added a lot to the film. The actresses also appreciated it very much. I ‘m happy with the perfect cast and producers. ”

The main story is always about the ideological conflict between the two brothers, Kriplani said, adding that the film also leads to a discussion about the afterlife and the existence of demons.

“As society and human beings we are torn with the whole idea of ​​’is there anything after death? Is there life after death? Are there ghosts or spirits? Is there more to life?’ … these things have been discussed for centuries.

“So, exploring this in a movie and closing it down in a confrontation-comedy-adventure movie is very exciting, while the two brothers are in the business of being professional‘ wizards ’.

The film, which also stars Javed Jaffrey and Rajpal Yadav, was produced by Ramesh Taurani and Akshay Puri and co-produced by Jaya Taurani. Bhoot police released on Disney + Hotstar on Friday.


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