Ayushman Khurana-Shujit Sirkar screened wedding to shoot a Vicky Doner scene: ‘No filmmakers’

Bollywood star Ayushman Khurana, who turns 37 today, has consistently made interesting choices in his nine-year long career as a film actor. Whether it was a conscious choice, gut instinct or a combination of the two, the Quranic scripts were signed, which was forbidden by many. From acting in gay love stories to screenplays centered around a caste or erectile problem, the talented artist did it all. But It all started when Aayushman approved the direction of Shujit Sirkar Vicky Donor – A film based on the concept of sperm donation, in which Ayushman plays the role of Vicky, who donates semen to earn some money.

When Vicky Donner was released in 2012, it hit not only the ticket counters at the box office, but also the general audience and critics. Now it is rare, not only for an outsider who has no connection in the Hindi film industry, but for a film like this. Juhi Chaturvedi’s brilliant writing, Ayushman and Yami Gautam chemistry, excellent supporting cast and its determined director made the project a success. Oh, and the soundtrack also has a song sung and co-composed by its main protagonist, Ayushman Khurana (“Pani da Rang”).

Yami Gautam and Ayushman Khurana Yami Gautam and Ayushman Khurana are still from Vicky Donner. (Photo: Eros Entertainment)

Styled as your regular romantic-comedy, Vicky Donner broke the mold of Rome-coms by playing very effortlessly with serious things like infertility and sperm donation. After learning the truth about her partner’s job, almost nothing in the movie seemed fake except for a monologue in the second half of Yami’s character Ashima. It was a smooth, seamless affair with a fantastic twist on the famous actor Ayushman and his film ‘Guru’, thus, winning the National Award for the extraordinary Dr. Baldev Chadda role. Although the final product looked perfect to the viewers, things were not so great in the beginning, especially when Shujit Sirkar was trying to get Vicky Donner off the field.

During the Express Adda session with Indian Express, received praise The filmmaker said he found it very difficult to knock on doors Feature to get the green light. “I went to several production houses, and they said ‘Kuch leer lee aao’ (bring me something else). Finally I met John Abraham, who at the time was working on a Madras Cafe script, and he told me to go into production. If you are interested, I said you can hear the script (Vicky Donor). I put my own money in it. Otherwise Vicky Donor has no takers. No one for that, ”said the director at the time.

Movie casting has also proven to be a bit problematic. Then Shujit Sirkar decided to put Ayushman at the forefront; It was an inspired choice, and the fact that Ayushman had already donated sperm in real life only seemed like a brownie. In an interview with Bollywood Hungama, Ayushman Khurana said, “I donated my sperm for a task on Roadies (MTV reality show). But I never thought I would make my first film as a sperm donor. Shujit Sarkar was also really shocked. He never met anyone who was a donor. I thought it was a great, progressive thing. I think these things are appealing. I have this ‘witty’ style now. “

The film was made on a very low budget. Shujit Sirkar has revealed that he has not taken director fees for the film. He revealed, “If you remember how we filmed the wedding scene, we crashed the gate of someone’s wedding. We told them when the wedding was going to take place, light your plates and lights, and then we filmed the wedding scenes at 4am.

Ayushman Khurana, since then, has proven his mettle as a complete artist in every new project. We hope his artistry here touches lives and provides good entertainment.

You can watch Vicky Donner‌ on the Geo movie.


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