Arjun Rampal responds as Gabriella’s brother arrested in drugs case: ‘Not related to him’

After the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) arrested Arjun Rampal’s partner Gabriella’s brother Agicilas Demetrios, the actor released a statement saying he had nothing to do with them. Agicilas was arrested in Goa for possession of drugs. This is the third time the NCB has arrested him.

Arjun, who is currently filming in London, appealed for sensitivity in the matter and said he was “shocked and amazed” by the latest development.

“It is unfortunate that my name is unnecessarily dragged into every publication even though I have nothing to do with it. My family and when it comes to me, my direct family and I are law abiding citizens. Although there is a person who is a relative of my partner in this event, I have no other relationship or relationship with this person.” He said.

He said he trusts the system, “I urge the media not to make headlines without using my name because it does not concern us and it will cause pain and confusion to my own family and to those with whom I have a professional relationship. I have faith in our legal system and whoever is on the wrong side of the law, the judiciary is right. I have faith in the system in these matters. ”

He told the media that he and his partner had nothing to do with the matter and did not want to be linked to him in the matter. “Let the law take its course and please refrain from adding my partner and my name to those that do not belong to us. I appreciate the support of all of you and humbly ask you to be honest and sensitive in this matter.”

Agicilas was arrested on Friday for illegal possession of demetriads and sent to judicial custody, the Narcotics Control Bureau said in a statement. He has previously been arrested by the anti-drug agency in connection with two cases.



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