Arbaaz Khan asks Anil Kapoor when Salman Khan will get married: ‘We are tired now’

Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor was the next guest on Arbaaz Khan show Pinch, where he addressed a ‘pinch’ about social media. Arbaaz Khan read some sad tweets from his family members including his children, Riya Kapoor and Harshavardhan Kapoor.

Arbaaz Khan congratulated Anil Kapoor Anupam Kher and brought him time to ask for a drink. This led to a lot of trolling, and many advised him to ‘follow social distance’, while others said ‘think before you tweet’. Anil smiled at it and said, “Ek drink toh banta hi, can mean anything including nimbu-pani. We’ve been friends for a while and can’t take life so seriously. There are some people who don’t have humor, so you have to consider this.

Earlier, Anil Kapoor wrote a romantic post for his wife Sunita, for which his children trolled him. Riya Kapoor wrote, “Dad, you are an extra definition.” Anand Ahuja responded to her with many laughing emoticons. Commenting on this, Anil said, “Children are always embarrassed by their parents. They wonder why I put butter on my wife. It is more than love and affection. “Regarding how Harshavardhan trolled him for his biceps photo, Anil said he was showing his hands and laughed,” He is right. He knows his father. I’m showing. “

During the conversation, Arbaaz said that he had two questions for Anil, one was when Salman Khan got married and the other was a secret to Anil’s youth. The actor laughed and said that Salman Khan was well aware of the state of affairs with Arbaaz. Arbaaz responded, “Thak gaye (we’re done) yaar”. Anil replied, “He doesn’t respond, so how can I do that?” Arbaaz showed videos of fans trying to decode the secret to Anil Kapoor’s permanent youth. Some said he was drinking his snake blood, while others believed he was ‘living with his plastic surgeon’.

Regarding the days when Anil Kapoor became a fodder for his body and facial hair, he laughed and said, “Since conversion is a popular thing these days, anyone can take hair from me.” He also said about the trolling that he and Sonam constantly receive, “I don’t care about many of them, most of them have their problems. They are in a bad mood, or sad. The world is made up of all kinds of people. There is only one life, I can not take these things seriously.” . ”

G5, pinch broadcasts per week.


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