Anurag Basu, while Ranbir Kapoor’s Jagga Jasoos is flop, has now found the audience: ‘This is not everyone’s cup of tea’

Filmmaker Anurag Basu says he has never seen anyone or anything in white or black. “Everyone is gray and that’s where the human stories come from.” Basu won the Best Director award for Ludo’s favorite film in the digital space last year. Melbourne 2021 Indian Film Festival Recently. The ceremony actually took place this year, but Basu wants to attend in person next time. “Now I have to make a good movie to get recognition there and fulfill my dream.”

In a special chat with, Basu revealed his ultimate goal is to make Ludo. “I especially wanted to highlight that good or bad is very subjective. All of this is awareness. We are storytellers. We get to the highest point and start judging people and relationships. In Ludo, I didn’t want to do that.”

Ludo is an anthology dark comedy starring Abhishek Bachchan, Pankaj Tripathi, Rajkumar Rao, Fatima Sana Sheikh, Aditya Roy Kapoor, Sanya Malhotra, Perle Mane and Rohit Saraf. Basu admits that a film like Ludo is like gaining the love of the audience, proving that their perception and acceptance on specific topics has changed.

“We always underestimated our audience. When I did Life in Metro (2007), people liked it. But it got more complicated when I filmed it 15 years ago. The audience definitely grew in a decade. I never thought with Ludo, I’m doing something dangerous. Yes. , You need a slightly more focused view. You can not see it when you are texting or chatting, “Basu shared.

In fact he sailed Pankaj Tripathi A singer from Ludo is bringing the old song “O Beta Ji, Kismat Ki Hawa” back to our playlists. Sharing how the song from the 1951 film Albela found a place in the Ludo script, Basu revealed, “Some things are buried in your mind hardware. It should come out at the right time. During its scripting, I wrote in brackets for a reference to a song like ‘Kismat Ki Hawa’. We wanted to have such a song, but when the script was ready, we tried for the rights to this song. How we ended up using the original. Pankaj Tripathi made a playback for the first time in his life.

It tells the story of how music plays a key role in his films. The director, who is known for delivering musical hits, said that the clarity on the tune comes during the scripting phase itself. According to him, “Even to write a line, I have to have the right music for it. So I know what the background score is like. I can’t make movies without playing music in my head. It becomes very organic. “His frequent collaborator and music director Pritam understands this and so it becomes effortless to work with him,” he said.

Whether it’s Basu’s pictures, Ludo, Life in a Metro, Gangster or Barfi, its color palette and city landscape are also integral to the story. For the Ace Filmmaker, such elements will eventually find their place in the screenplay. “We have stories and to communicate these stories together, a lot of things come into play. Without color palettes, the film looks more complex. I don’t think I have any style,” Basu said.

Jagga Jasoos Ranbir Katrina Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif in Still from Jagga Jasoos directed by Anurag Basu.

Despite being super rich on canvas, his Jagga Jasoos starring Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif failed to impress the audience when it was released in 2017. Do you think Basu will perform even better if it is released today?

He acknowledged that the film was well-received when it made its OTT debut in 2019. He thought the audience there understood it well. “I’m not saying I did it flawlessly but Jagga is not everyone’s cup of tea, and it’s designed for the audience, probably did not make it to the theater. It reached the right audience and was appreciated by OTT. , Whether it works well or not. If I make an extraordinary universal film, it will work in no time. “

Choosing a live digital release of the web and images began last year as a desperate choice depending on the Kovid-19 situation, but over the past two years or so, it has definitely changed the dynamics of the business module. Today, the filmmakers are deliberately going for an OTT release. Ludo is intended for a theatrical experience, but Basu, who went into the web due to the epidemic, believes that the latest medium does not require a specific category of film.

“I do not think you will make a different film for OTT. You have to do what you believe. Many new talents have been given the opportunity. Also with OTT, people are becoming film literate. They have been exposed to more films around the world. It will also help our film and audience grow.”

Life in Metro Shilpa Shetty Shiny Ahuja Life in a Metro is one of the first successful albums in Bollywood.

What is the change in him with the box office suspension on Friday due to the closure of cinema halls? “Now when I write stories, I feel without fear. Earlier we were worried whether a story would work in India. OTT gave me wings and I was going on the plane fearlessly. Good stories will come in the coming period. Looking back, Basu believes that this is the beginning of a new world.

However, he did not agree that the attraction of theaters and superstars would ever fade. According to him, we always look for a star to worship. “The concept is not going anywhere. We are on the verge of seeing another superstar. I do not know when, but it will happen in the next 2-3 years. But it will not be far from our film,” he said, adding that big stars like Khan and Kapoor were disappointed to go the OTT route. And more about the viewers. ”There is always the greed to get more audiences in any medium. Those stars come back when theaters reopen. You need to take your film to a wider audience. ”

Are we hoping for a sequel to Ludo now? Basu Cheek validated that he wants new ideas to come up for a fresh film rather than a sequel. “My thoughts run out when I start doing sequels. I want new ideas,” he concluded.


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