Ananya Pandey acts as an intern at Star vs. Food, and the chef asks her ‘Do you go to the gym every day?’

In the latest episode of Star vs. Food, actor Ananya Pandey was severely embarrassed when she received speed by a chef. Ananya came to the show with the goal of doing something special for her parents Chunky Pandey and Bhavana Pandey, but soon realized that she was bitten more than she was chewing.

Unique pastry chef Frennie Fernandez met her and told her parents and her friend, photographer Rohan Shrestha, they would make a delicious dish and dessert. Ananya says she hopes anything in her kitchen will work like a saf chef or intern, and she will not allow a single object that does not meet her standards to come out of the kitchen.

After Ananya struggled to add some flour and was told she was on the verge of falling, the chef asked, “Don’t you go to the gym every day?” Unique, as a piece to camera, “I thought I was fit for all the exercises, but my biceps didn’t help at all.”

The chef was not impressed with her piping skills and on several occasions called her work ‘sh * t’, which was not uniquely appreciated. She says, “Unme Gordon Ramsey Ka Bhoot Agaya (she was inspired by Gordon Ramsey). I break up, the chef is getting worse and worse as the day goes on and my feelings are hurting. ”

She asked the chef, “Have you ever been happy? You haven’t said ‘awesome’ to anything yet. “The chef replied, ‘Because I haven’t seen anything awesome yet.’

After they finished baking, Ananya’s parents and Rohan came to the dessert bar to try the food. “I hope my parents like me because they are so critical about my movies too. They always give me a serious impression,” Ananya said.

Chunky went on his way and said, “She and her mother never cooked anything for me. But she made up some good stories and told me, but never took food. ”

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The sentiment added, “I honestly have no expectations. And I can’t say much because I don’t cook. So who am I to judge? But I will still judge. ”And she did not seem to be impressed with the delicious object and was reserved in her admiration. But the chef was pleased with the unique efforts and said she was very happy with her.

Janvi Kapoor and Anil Kapoor are already guests in the new season of Star vs Food. The new episode will air live on launch + Thursday.


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