Leading Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan has taken some time off from his busy schedule and he is using it to enjoy nature. He shared a picture of himself sitting on a reclining chair on the lawn of his house in Mumbai.

Looking at the blue sky and his green lawn, senior Bachchan wrote on Instagram, “Clear blue sky .. Bright sunshine .. Cool breezes .. Ye hi Mumbai Mary John.” He also wrote about the best way to experience nature in his blog and mentioned how he could not find time to see the bright natural light due to his hectic schedule.

He wrote, “The sun is a very clear sky and the gentle breeze .. the sound pollution in its silence .. the chirping of the birds, their chatter is strange .. and the greatness of the reclining chair .. I have not seen the bright nature for years .. the lawn is not a lie .. pre-schedule Not due to the time scheduled for the work done .. and time and timeliness, just blowing in the wind .. Nature did for us .. The defilement we do against it .. Pity ..

Piku also shared how the ‘sluggishness’ of not leaving his screen as an ‘orphan’ kept him away from nature. He added, “The allure of the content on screen, the recommendation of the offspring .. and the laziness of never wanting to leave it as an orphan .. Even now at this hour, it is in the game .. but connect. . The day and its wonderful faculty .. can never be put aside.

Recently, the 79-year-old actor took a break from social media to deal with the ‘domestic Kovid situation’. Later, it was revealed that a member of his staff working in one of his two bungalows had tested positive for coronavirus.


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