Alankrita Sahi: I fought three thieves and saved myself, they would have killed me

For Alankrita Sahai, who was robbed and assaulted with knives by three men on Tuesday (September 7) at her rented apartment in Chandigarh, the past few days have been a nightmare.

Speaking of the nearly two-hour ordeal, Sehaye said in great horror: “Three men forcibly entered my house and stole things that were worth NS6.5 lakhs as well as cash. This was one of the most cruel acts…I was attacked while they held a knife in my neck, they tried to strangle me, they put their hands on my mouth and pinned me to the bed. They hit me on my back, neck and forehead. They verbally abused me and threatened to kill me.”

Remembering how she managed to escape their clutches and ask for help, the actress says there was a moment when they were all outside the bedroom and this way she closed that door and then locked herself into the bathroom.

“Then I called my caregiver Rajesh who was downstairs, who eventually called the police. But in the meantime the thieves started smashing doors and windows. I stuck to the door trying to break it. I did my best to save myself and fight them. I fought these thieves and saved myself. She said, resisting tears.

The former beauty queen, who is in Chandigarh for an interior design project she is working on, reveals that one of the men among the thieves has done an entire homework for her. “He knew when my maid would go and when I would be home alone. In fact, he was the same person who came to deliver the furniture to my house a few days ago, and he is the one who planned all this,” Namaste England (2018) Actor Says.

Sahi tells us that the only thing that makes her feel good about the situation is the fact that she was brave. “A senior police officer complimented me for having my mind. Good to know I was brave. I don’t want to be just a victim anymore. I want to rise above this,” she adds.

But it hasn’t been easy for her as she has had sleepless nights since Tuesday. “I am paranoid. When I close my eyes, I see these three men attack me, pin me down, and beat me. If there is any little noise in my house, I am afraid. I did not go upstairs in my house, because I do not have the courage to go there.”

While her family came from Noida to be with her, Sahi says she didn’t tell her parents right away when it happened.

“My parents are in shock. I didn’t call my parents on the same day because I was so shocked that I didn’t talk to anyone. I was with the cops all day and then had to go through a medical exam to make sure all the marks and scrapes on my body were taken care of. I didn’t want to bother my mom and dad. On the same day because I was annoyed with the whole situation. By the time I was able to contact them, they found out they were with me now,” says Sahi.

All Sahai wants now is to catch the culprits soon.

Maybe everyone will do their job. They gave a cop car outside and there was one lady cop on the first day, but I’m home and I didn’t go out so there isn’t one now. The cops said they would set up a booth here as well. But until they are not caught, I will not be at peace. I am engaged in this investigation so that they do not arrest the perpetrators. I just want them to be caught,” she concludes with a hopeful note.



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