Akshay Kumar dismisses rumors on Lucknow tour, saying it is ‘completely untrue’

Akshay Kumar on Friday refuted the rumors about his visit to Lucknow in a new tweet. One person wrote on Twitter that Akshay was coming to Lucknow for an event and the actor described it as ‘completely untrue’.

“Update: Guruji Shri Akshay Kumar will visit Lucknow on January 23 to attend the Business Icon Awards 2022,” the tweet read. Quoting it, Akshay wrote, “I want to visit Lucknow soon. This news is completely untrue.”

Akshay joked that other fans would also start spreading rumors about them going to their hometowns, so he answered them too. “Ajse my bhee fake news spread karungi (I will also spread fake news from today),” one wrote. “Cash ye fake news maine failed hoti (I wish I was the one who spread this fake news),” wrote another.

Akshay congratulates his fans on the occasion of Capricorn. Sharing a photo of himself flying a kite, he wrote, “Mite Good Main Mill Gay Till, Udi Patang Aur Khil Gay Dil (Sesame with jaggery, kites in the sky make our hearts swell) # Capricorn to bring new hopes and happiness. In your lives. Bus dur pakad ke rakhna to faith (hold on to the thread of that faith). “

Capricorn Sankranti is dedicated to the Sun God (Sun God) and symbolizes the entry of the Sun into the Capricorn (Capricorn) zodiac (zodiac). It marks the beginning of the harvest season when people worship new crops and share them with joy.

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On Wednesday, Akshay took to Instagram and shared a photo of himself taking a selfie with Imran Hashmi on a road trip. The duo announced Karan Johar as the producer of a new film called Selfie.

Selfie is a Hindi remake of the Malayalam movie Driving License, starring Prithviraj and Suraj Venjaramudu in the lead roles. Filmmaker Raj Mehta has come forward to direct this project which is coming into cinemas this year. It was produced by Late Aruna Bhatia, Hero Yash Johar, Supriya Menon, Karan Johar, Prithviraj Sukumaran, Apoorva Mehta and Listin Stephen.



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