Adil Hussain: Both theaters and OTT platforms have their own ups and downs

Actor Adil Hussain is one of the first crop of Indian actors – in the middle of the epidemic in 2020 – to shoot for the Bell Bottom project

By Rishabh Suri

Posted on September 25, 2021 04:02 PM IST

Actor Adil Hussain is one of the first crop of Indian actors – in the middle of the epidemic in 2020 – shooting for venture and project, Bell bottom. The film was released in theaters earlier this year and is now available on the OTT platform.

Ask him out well if he is no longer absorbed in the connection between the traditional theater setup and the New Age TT. In OTT, you can watch a movie on your own, at your own time, on a handheld device. It has its own advantages and entertainment. No need to share with your friend how you found it after you saw it, then your friend will go (in terms of theaters). You can choose the platform and your own movie at your own pace.

He calls it the “big connection” between the audience and the content. However he also admitted that the big screen experience is nothing less than a celebration.

“Watching a movie there, the magic in it … you’re wearing clothes to go out, it’s almost like a festival. I hope both are alive. It’s a slow start to theaters, and people are starting to go out. Hussein said.

Hussein calls it one of the biggest budget films to choose a theatrical release from the decision to film it during the epidemic. Bell bottom His “offensive” film so far.

The actor says, “Sure, because, you have to have the courage to leave the comfort of your home security, stay with people. Despite all the precautions we took during its filming, the question was – ‘Should I make the right decision?’ – My mind is constantly running behind. But, we cannot live in fear, we must live with Kovid. Like I said, it’s about living very carefully, we don’t have to do things if we don’t like it. To keep yourself safe, it is even more important. “




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