Aayush Sharma reveals biggest fear while working with ‘superstar’ Salman Khan on Antime: ‘Send this guy out and …’

Actor Aayush Sharma says that the audience is happy that he has been certified after his recent release Antim, Despite the film starring his brother-in-law Salman Khan. Even in the presence of Salman he was happy that the audience was connected with his character journey.

“When a big superstar is playing an important role for you, my honest fear is what if the audience tells you to pull this guy out and bring the superstar back,” AYUSH told the Bollywood bubble.

He said that after the release of Antim, fans started recognizing him as an actor rather than a husband to the Arpita Khan and Salman family. To him, Antim gave him an identity.

“People ‘said it Aayush Sharma, Who is an actor ‘. When people talk about your work, without mentioning who you are related to or your family background, it is a huge success for me. That is the biggest compliment ” shared AYUSH.

Antim, directed by Mahesh Manjrekar, was released in cinemas on November 26 last year. This action thriller is a remake of the Marathi movie Mulshi Pattern. It tells the story of two people with different ideologies from two different worlds, which leads to a nail-biting ending.

‚ÄúThere is so much power in creating an awareness about yourself. The perception that people have about me is broken and I am very grateful for that. I’m not coming from a place where I think I’ve achieved everything. This is just the beginning, “said AYUSH.



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