Aayush Sharma persuaded not to share pictures of his children on social media for his vicious remarks against his daughter Ayat

Actor Aayush Sharma and his wife Arpita Khan Sharma They have imposed a limit on the number of photos and videos of their two children they can share on social media. The actor said in an interview that it was his kids-Ahil and it was his fault though Poem-Troll on social media because he first shared the content that contained them.

In a recent interview with Bollywood Bubble, Aayush said that his daughter’s video attracted trolls commenting on her appearance. AYUSH and Arpita decided ‘our children don’t need to do this, we don’t need to put them out’. The Antim actor said it was nice to share pictures once in a while, but “it’s unfair for them to be subjected to incessant trolling”. He does not want his children to grow up with ‘insecurity’ about their physical appearance.

AYUSH He said, “If they decide to stay out as adults, I’m just decided that it’s their thing. They have to be old enough to enter the world of social media and be smart enough to receive criticism or comments. At this point they are too young.”

Although he ignored comments on his social media posts, the actor revealed that Arpita is emotional when any of his family members, be it Salman Khan or Arbaaz Khan or her children are trolled on social media. She also wants to give it back to those who hate it, but AYUSH advised her.

Aayush recently appeared with his brother-in-law Salman in Antim: The Final Truth. The film, directed by Mahesh Manjrekar, was released in cinemas on November 26. A remake of the action-thriller Marathi film Mulshi Pattern.



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