Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira Khan in Germany has ‘pretty decided’ to focus on her weight loss. On Monday, she treated her followers to photos and mentioned how she had been fasting for 15 days to kickstart her attempt to lose weight. “I did not do well with the Self Motivation and Self Image Department. I have been very active for most of my life and for the last 4-5 years, I have been very inactive. I gained 20 kg. And it’s really confusing in my head, ”she shared on Instagram.

“There are other things on the list to work in Germany,” Ira said, not just weight loss. Star Kid said that although she did not lose significant weight, she did find a “renewed motivation to try harder”. “I found a rhythm. I’m doing everything I can to catch it now. I did a lot of thinking and reflection and monitoring. I learned some good things. I’re really looking forward to sharing things from the Self Work Department and the General Life Epiphany. Most of them are exercises that you need to start doing on your own. When I do, I share them. I’m very determined. Let’s see how it goes, ”she wrote.

Ira Khan is currently in Buchinger Wilhelm, which is famous for its fasting program. According to the official website, “The Buchinger Wilhelmy Program was built on a fasting pattern developed by Dr. Otto Buchinger (1878 – 1966), the founder of the clinic. This method has been continuously improved over three generations and in collaboration with university research centers. Our program is designed to protect, promote and restore your health. In the process of healing and growth we follow a holistic approach of seeing body, mind and soul as one. Therapeutic fasting and personal medical care are the focus. Conscious nourishment, physical fitness and spiritual inspiration complete the scope of our services and play an equal role in the regeneration of body and soul as in physical therapy and exercise in nature.


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