‘Aamir Khan told me I can’t act, I have to do something else in life’: Brother Faisal Khan reveals conversation after Mila

Actor Aamir Khan’s brother, Faisal, said that after their film Mela failed, Aamir told him that he was not a good actor and that he should look for alternative career options. Mela, who also appeared with Twinkle Khanna, was released in 2000.

In an interview before the release of his movie Faactory, Faisal Khan was asked if Aamir had offered to help him get jobs after Mila was bombed and was struggling to land roles. He said Aamir would be the best person to answer that question.

However, Faisal gave more details about a conversation he had with Aamir during that time. He told Ronak Kotecha on his YouTube channel, “Good, he didn’t help me. Today, with Faactory, I realized my potential. Why should someone help you?”

He continued, “Aamer after Mila called me and said, Faisal, you are not a good actor, and now Mila failed too, what now? Now, you have to do something else in life.’ He told me he doesn’t think I’m an actor.” When it was pointed out that there were many reasons why Mila failed, Faisal said, “But I had to bear the brunt. We had this personal conversation with Aamir. I did not go into a discussion about why she failed, he told me what he felt. He told me, “You’re not a good actor, you can’t act so you better start doing something else, you should think about what you want to do in life. So that was his logic. When Aamir Khan feels that I’m not a good actor and can’t perform, how do I ask?” him work, and ask him for help?”

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However, Faisal worked with Aamer’s production company as a script doctor after acting roles stopped appearing in his way. He was also involved in a legal case with his family after he accused them of controlling his life. He said in a recent interview that Aamir asked for his rights to sign, claiming he was mentally unfit to take care of himself. But, according to Faisal, he was declared of sound mind after being monitored in a Mumbai hospital.



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